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We have several photographers at your wedding (not just assistants!), so that we can professionally capture and document all the parts of your wedding day! One photographer is with the bride and other photographer is with the groom, throughout your day and you will have more than you will realize, of the interactions and details preserved! For some weddings and larger events, we have had from two to five photographers too. Occasionally, for some events and certain destination weddings, we have had only one photographer and accommodated that request beautifully too.

During the group / family portion of the day, we work quickly as a team, to create beautiful lasting family heirlooms for you and your family. At the same time we can create candid / photojournalistic style images, throughout the day, even as one of the photographers is capturing the group images, the other is capturing the candid moments! It's your day and we document it, the way you want it to be! We do our best to make sure that you are relaxed, things run smoothly and we are ahead of schedule, in order to for you to fully enjoy your day! We are flexible, friendly and accommodate special requests too. We make your day the best it can be and create a multitude of images, which make you look and feel your best! Contact us if you want the best in wedding photography and a relaxed, stress free day!

Meet the Principal Photographer
Isabella Leslie

Isabella started out as a nature photographer in 1972. In 1990 her desire to capture beautiful moments, natural light, being on location, as well as her love for people and their interactions, led her to a passion for her specialty, Wedding Photography! She is exceptional at creating an unobtrusive relaxed atmosphere for her work and sometimes creates the interactions she wishes to capture too. She has excellent people skills, is professionally adept and blends easily into a variety of groups and social settings. Her clients love her thoughtful and caring personality and have repeatedly remarked that they enjoy having her there on their wedding day!

Her work has graced the pages of Town & Country, The Knot, Wedding Pages, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride, InStyle and other publications. Isabella has won regional, national and international attention and awards for her work. She has repeatedly been selected as, "Best of the Best" by theKnot. The Association of Bridal Consultants, selected her as "Wedding Photographer of the Year" and "Vendor of the Year", as well! She has won a multitude of awards and accolades from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA), as well as many Grand Prize and Division Prizes.

Isabella has studied with the top Photojournalistic photographers in the world, as well as some well versed in more Photojournalistic / Traditional styles. She tries to capture the essence and beauty of her subjects, trained in the best facial angles, plus her images tell a story, so that when people see her work they remark, that they felt like they were there at that moment. She has been recognized by many of the photographers at the top of their field, as being truly exceptional. One of her top photojournalistic mentors, told her that she is in the elite, who shoot with the left eye, therefore using the creative right side of the brain to formulate the calculations necessary to complete the exposure, composition, and timing to craft the work, funtions typically done on both the left and right sides.

Isabella has also studied with several wedding consultants and she naturally helps on the wedding day. She has photographed hundreds and hundreds of weddings, all the way from California to Rome, Italy. She spent 6 months living in Italy and developed a sense of style and an appreciation for the culture and arts in the area. She has done small intimate weddings from a handful of people, to large events with over a thousand.

She is a graduate with high honors from Cranbrook / Kingswood school with a wide variety of studies in the Arts, Sciences, Sports and Humanities. While at Cranbrook she created artwork revered by the top in their field. Her mentors told her that the arts would be impossible and she showed them otherwise. She has a gift to envision the completed correct result, before even beginning the piece. She was also the sole recipient to be given the highest awards for her art, in over 25 years at the school.

She also is a graduate of the University of Michigan and her class work ranged from Psychology and Computer Science, to Natural Resources and Medicine. She excelled in creative arts, as well as developing an equally balanced technical expertise to her work. She is exceptional with computers, psychology and mathematics and uses this talent to capture stunning images and create some of the most beautiful wedding albums, people have ever seen, paying close attention to the details.

Not only is each image a work of art, the albums are a collection of works of art too! Isabella enjoys collecting albums for her clients, from all around the world, such as fine Italian coffee style albums, Australian Photojournal matted and flush mount gallery books, Japanese Silk and handmade watercolor paper albums, as well as an array of other domestic and more traditional offerings for the parents too. The albums are like a wedding dress, you need to touch them and see them to experience the full beauty and unique nature of their fine art qualities. She loves capturing people being themselves!

Talented Photographer ~ Clara Alissa

Clara is the adopted daughter of Isabella and she has been photographing weddings since 2002. She is sometimes available as a third photographer at your request. She is currently a teenager and photographs about a thirty weddings a year.

She is very outgoing and great at interacting with other people to capture wonderful expressions with a flair for creativity. She works hard, loves to take candids, and will work for a tip of about sixty dollars. Brides and grooms have cherished her wedding images as well as her sparkling personality and professionalism! Many of her images appear on this website as well as in print magazines and in cherished albums too!

A specially selected group of other friendly, courteous, professional, experienced and very talented wedding photographers (much higher caliber than assistants) are also available for your photographic team! Usually a male and female photographer is selected.

The best photographers are selected based upon the venue, personality, experience and style you are looking for in your images. All of them will deliver the best results for your wedding images, with the highest quality in retouching and the most beautiful wedding albums too!

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